Asset Management Solutions

Who are the Asset Valuations Group?

Asset Valuations has been helping Australian & International companies with their asset management solutions and to ascertain and manage their assets for the past 30 years.

One of the biggest mistakes being made in companies is that they do not have a realisable value on their assets.

Furthermore, in most cases, assets are scattered & piled in places to be forgotten about.

We come in, compile your assets, put a value to them for your business portfolio, form an asset register, and if needed and advised we can dispose of your unwanted assets through Traditional Onsite Auction or Online Auctions. Another part of our service is we update your register yearly (at a small fee) & can dispose of unwanted or outdated assets and surplus stock.

We put you in the picture of what your companies worth through an asset value. If you are asset rich you are worth something.

Please remember that assets are a large physical investment made into your company, weather its to get you from A to be (motor vehicle), produce your produce (machinery), visibility (websites & domain names), programs for check out and sales (online store or sales program), electrical equipment (computers, smart phones etc.)

To continue on growing, you need to understand what you have, what its worth and the professional advise (if required) on what to do with your assets.