Insurance Valuations Brisbane

Insurance Valuations Brisbane, The Asset Valuations Group gives you more than just a complete valuation report. We give you 35 years of international and Australia wide experience in Insurance Valuations and related services. Thats why so many people choose Asset Valuations for their valuation needs.

Let us ask you what would happen if your asset (s) got damaged or destroyed in any way shape or form?

We can provide expert advice on the interpretation and implementation of all relevant Insurance Valuation requirements and  standards.

We can also provide you with an Insurance Valuation as Sight Unseen (valuing goods on pictures and information received) or standard where we go out view, photograph and list your damaged items then compile the data into an Insurance Valuation Report.

Our methods are precise and our Valuations are based on 5 different methods

  • Market Value

  • Insurance Value
  • Estimated Forced Sale Auction Value
  • Salvage Value

  • In Situ Value

Insurance Valuations By Trusted Valuers Australia Wide

Valuations can be either submitted electronically via email, printed and mailed or both (if required), the choice is yours.

Our pricing for Insurance Valuations vary depending on what we are valuing and the amount of research  needed and for what purpose the Insurance Valuation is required for.

We serve top tier firms & companies helping them Value their assets. Our head office is located in Brisbane, Queensland. Although we service clients Australia wide due to our network of contractors located in most major capital cities.

Simply get in touch with Asset Valuations to learn more about our Insurance Valuation services.