Valuation Services

Each of our asset valuation strategies can be customised for each project, utilising effective research, marketing and sales methodologies to achieve comprehensive target market exposure in accordance with the requirements of the client. Contact us today for your professional asset valuation Australia wide!

Property Valuations - trusted and reliable valuation service

Property Valuations

Property Valuations are one of the most common forms of valuations simply due to the fact that real estate is increasing and decreasing in value according to the market and other factors. Whenever you are buying or selling a property, make sure you use a trusted and reliable property valuation service like Asset Valuations.

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Vehicle Valuations - selling or buying a new vehicle

Vehicle Valuations

Vehicle Valuations are available by Asset Valuations in all major cities around Australia. Our focus is on providing you with a valuation on your vehicle at affordable prices. We have more than 30 years experience to help you to achieve real results.

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Business Valuations - Servicing Brisbane Businesses over 30years

Business Valuations

There are a number of reasons to get a valuation on your business. These can be for seeking investment capital from angel investors, finance from banking and lending institutions, re-financing and for tax purposes such as asset depreciation. Can you afford not to have your business and assets valued?

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Jewellery Valuations - Gold, Silver and diamondss

Jewellery Valuations

Asset Valuations can assist you with learning more about the true value of your Jewellery. We supply valuations on Gold, Silver, Diamonds and all types of Gem Stones Australia wide. Our expert jewellery valuers know what your items are worth based on factual information and available resources.

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Antique Valuations - professional asset valuation

Antique Valuations

Got something old laying around and want to know what it’s worth? Are you a collector and feel its time to cash in and be rewarded for all of your years of collecting Antiques? Well Asset Valuations have what it takes to properly research your Antiques and provide you will a valuation within 48 hours anywhere in Australia.

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Coin Valuations Brisbane - discover true value using asset valuations

Coin Valuations

Let Asset Valuations professional and experienced team value your coins to help you find out what they are worth in the current marketplace.

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Market Value Assessments - asset valuations outline and document

Market Value Assessments

Market Value Assessments help you to gauge what the general public may be prepared to pay for your item. Then you know what your asset is worth and can feel comfortable that you are getting a reasonable price when buying or selling.

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Insurance Valuations - accurate asset valuations

Insurance Valuations

Insurance Valuations are designed to assist individuals and insures to understand the true worth of your assets. This may be to help you work out how much to insure the asset for, or for the insurer to value you item correctly at the time of compensation.

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