What Is Market Value?

Market Value is the estimated amount for which an item and/ or an asset should fetch between a willing buyer who wants that item & the willing seller of the same item. Furthermore, The Asset Valuations Group believes that the Market Value is an unbiased estimate of the potential market price of a good, service and/or asset. Both parties have fair knowledge of what they are buying and selling.

All of our valuation reports include Market Value, unless specified.

Asset Valuations - Market Value potential market price

Why is Market Value Useful?

As we all know, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Picture walking through a property, or inspecting a motor vehicle, what is the first thing that comes to mind? In this case there are several things that come to mind. First of all: Market Value:

  • What is the value of this;
  • Am I getting ripped off;
  • Are they asking too much;
  • Is this asset damaged;
  • Can I get it cheaper somewhere else?

These are the usual thoughts going through a buyers head/ or someone that needs their assets valued. The Asset Valuations Group provides knowledge of all assets in all areas such as:

  • Property Valuations (Residential & Commercial);
  • Motor Vehicle Valuations;
  • Insolvency Valuations;
  • Bankruptcy Valuations;
  • Goods and Chattel Valuations;
  • Antique Valuations;
  • Vintage Car Valuations;
  • Plant & Machinery Valuations;
  • Yellow Goods Valuations;
  • White Goods Valuations; and
  • Business Valuations

If something needs a value, we do it. We are your one stop shop registered valuers in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

A Market Value Attitude

At The Asset Valuations Group, attitude and fairness is everything. We look after our clients, and we do our best to offer the best service in the market. We believe in three things:

  1. Service;
  2. Relationships; and
  3. Fast Turn Around Times.

Please contact us today if you require a Market Value on your assets.

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