How do E-Valuations Work2016-11-07T03:06:59+00:00

An E-Valuation is an Online Valuation Form that you, our client, fills out, enabling you to have your assets valued in under 24 hours from submit.

If you have hundreds upon hundreds of assets, we will contact you informing the time taken.

Below is a rough idea of what our E-Valuation Form looks like:

  • What are we valuing?
  • Where are the assets situated?
  • Name of client?
  • Due Date?
  • What is the purpose of the valuation? (Insurance, Financing, Insolvency, Asset Register and so on
  • What is the basis/type of valuation you require? (Estimated Forced Sale Value and/or Open Market Value)
  • There will be an option to load all your photos
  • You will need to provide a description of each asset item (s)
  • You will need to select the condition of your item (s)
  • There will also be an option for you to ask us to actually view the item(s) this will also affect the price of your valuation.
How Much Does A Valuation Cost?2016-11-07T03:06:59+00:00

A Valuation can cost anywhere from $50.00 (Simple Motor Vehicle Valuation) to $50,000.00. This only applies to asset valuations.

It all comes down to the quantity of assets valued, the type, whether is expensive plant and machinery, the time taken as well as the urgency of the matter.

All valuations are treated differently to suit each client. We provide you, our client, with personalised professional service. That is our promise to you.

What Locations Do You Service?2015-05-09T06:40:09+00:00

We service all over Australia, depending on the Asset type.

For example, if you ask us to Value a motor vehicle in Perth, we would recommend you send us photos of it, with the required descriptions for the Valuation Report, otherwise it is not feasible to fly to Perth to Value a simple motor vehicle.

However, if a business goes into liquidation, and you ask us to fly to Perth to value the entire companies asset register, that would be a perfect example of us getting on a plane, and going to Perth to Value those assets.

The bottom line is, we accommodate you in every way that we can.

Contact us today for your Valuation!

Can Valuations Help when Applying for Finance?2015-05-09T06:36:21+00:00

Absolutely it can. Once again, it proves what assets you have to your name, helping finance companies secure your loan.When applying for finance, they always want surety. However, if you can provide them with asset surety, and a value to its name, it definitely helps.

Can Valuations Help For Tax Purposes?2016-11-07T03:06:59+00:00

Absolutely. It establishes a value on your assets are worth on a two tier bases, Estimated Forced Sale Value and/or Open Market Value. Accountants need them all the time for their clients. Contact us today if you require a Valuation for Tax Purposes.

Why Do I Need A Valuation?2015-05-09T06:29:57+00:00

You will need a Valuation for the Following Purposes:

  • Lending
  • Refinancing
  • Lease & Buy Back
  • Company Asset Register
  • Insolvency
  • Insurance
  • Asset Acquisition & Disposal
  • Asset Verification & Registers
  • Salvage Estimates
  • Motor Vehicle Worth
  • Superannuation

If you have visited our website for the above following reasons, you have come to the right place!

What Is A Valuation?2015-05-09T06:22:06+00:00

What Is A Valuation?

A valuation is a legal document containing values and an estimation of the worth of something (s), especially one carried out by a professional valuer.