Sydney Valuations and Valuers

The Asset Valuation Group, is a valuation company that is strongly focused around our customer culture. We take pride in ensuring that our customers satisfaction is high, the process is seamless as possible and everything runs in a effective and efficient manner.

Moreover, The Asset Valuations Group is here help our clients find out the true value of there asset or assets.

In addition, to make it a seamless process for our clients, we have two ways we can value our clients assets, sight seen  and sight unseen. Sight seen is where we go to the site and stock take, photograph all of the assets so we can compile a report or sight unseen where our clients send us the asset they want valued and we do it over the computer.

Are you Eligible to Value In Sydney?

Yes, The Asset Valuation Group is eligible to value in New South Wales Sydney.

Furthermore, for the convenience of our clients, our valuations are either submitted electronically, printed or both (if required)

Also, our friendly and professional asset valuers have over 35 years of experience nationally and internationally in the valuation industry. The Asset Valuation Group is also aligned with the Australias Valuers Institute (AVI).

Finally, The Asset Valuation Group, offers you a complete end to end solution for all of your asset valuation requirements.

Expert Advice

Over 35 Years Experience!

Expert Advice!

Over 30 Years Experience!

Affordable Valuations

We Won't Break The Bank

Affordable Valuations

We Won’t Break The Bank

Conveniently Located

All Areas In Sydney

Conveniently Located

All Areas In Sydney

Types Of Valuations Offered In Sydney

  • Asset Valuations
  • Property Valuations
  • Vehicle Valuations
  • Jewellery Valuations
  • Antique Valuations
  • Stocktake Valuations

  • Insurance Valuations

  • Insolvency Purpose Valuations

  • Dispute Valuations

  • Deceased Estate Valuations

Valuations In Sydney For

  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Brokers
  • Accountants
  • Solicitors
  • Property Owners

Get in touch and learn more about what The Asset Valuations Group (Sydney) can do for you, call: 0422 026 728  for more information or press the “Enquire Now” to get started today.