Jewellery Valuations Brisbane

At Asset Valuations, Jewellery Valuation Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne, we give you more than just a valuation. We give you 36 years international and Australia Wide experience.

We can provide expert advice on the interpretation and implementation of all relevant Jewellery Valuation Standards. All our valuations are comprehensive, precise, and all provided by expert valuers.

All of our valuers are registered with The Australian Valuers Institute, and The Gemological Association of Australia. Furthermore, we have an in-house diamond valuer and registered Jewellery Valuer.

Asset Valuations Value Silver, Gold, Diamonds, and Gem Stones

The Asset Valuations Group values everything in Jewellery Valuations Brisbane, from Gem Stones, to Gold Bullion. We also have industry experience as we are one of the biggest Jewellery Auctioneers in Brisbane.

Our methods are precise and our Valuations are based on various different methods

  • Market Value;
  • Estimated Forced Sale Auction Value;
  • Fair Market Value;
  • Market Assessments;
  • Valuation Appraisal;
  • Salvage Value;
  • In Situ Value; and
  • Insurance Value.

We can also provide a valuation as Sight Unseen (valuing goods on pictures and information received from the owner) or standard where we go out view, photograph and list valuations then compile into Valuation Report. We always prefer to view the item for accuracy, as from a photograph, accuracy cannot be determined.

Valuations are either submitted electronically, printed or both (if required)

Our pricing varies depending on what we are valuing, the indepness needed and for what purpose.

We serve top tier firms & companies helping them Value their assets, and in most cases Jewellery Items for all purposes.

Are you looking for a Jewellery Valuation today? Feel free to click on the Enquire Now Button to send us an email, or call us on 0422 026 728.