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Find out how much your vehicle is really worth with Asset Valuations.

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Expert property valuation’s from Australia’s leading valuation company.

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A professional business valuation from Australia’s leading valuation company.

Need An Asset Valuation?

The Asset Valuations Group is a multifaceted valuation firm in Australia that specialises in all valuations, but not limited to Residential & Commercial Property Valuations, Small Medium and Large Business Valuations, Goodwill Valuations, All Vehicle Valuations, Goods & Chattel Valuations, Plant & Machinery Valuations, Art Valuations, Intellectual Property Valuations and Household Content Valuations.

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Asset Valuations provided an easy and affordable service that I would be happy to recommend.

Super easy to deal with and affordable prices, what else do you need in a good valuation company.

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National Valuation Services, All States!

If you need a valuation for any purpose, you need to chat with the team from Asset Valuations. Our friendly and professional team have been providing valuations for more than 30 years and have the knowledge and experience it takes to give you an accurate valuation that can be used in court across all states of Australia to prove the value of the assets.

Services We Offer

  • Insurance Valuations

  • Financial Reporting Valuations

  • Taxation Requirement Valuations

  • Market Value Assesments

  • Insolvency Matters

  • Family Law Matters Valuations

  • Business Valuations

  • Property Valuations

  • Car Valuations

  • Desktop Valuations

  • Goods & Chattel Valuations

  • Plant & Machinery Valuations

  • Purchase Price Allocation Valuations

  • Due Diligence Valuations

  • Financiers Valuations

  • Asset Acquisitions & Disposals

  • Dispute Resolution Valuations

  • Asset Registers

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