Asset Acquisition

Asset Acquisition is a fundamental part of any company looking at taking over or buying out a company if the company is Bankrupt in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne.

The Asset Valuations Group can provide expert advice on the interpretation and implementation of all relevant Asset Valuation Standards for Asset Acquisition process.

As part of our strategy, we offer various types of Valuation Reports which include:

Our process involves attending the premises where the assets are situated, view, photograph & stocktake all assets/inventory/stock, then list value and compile all into one of the above valuation reports. Please note that the “Desktop Valuation Report” does not include this, and can be compiled with photographs and information received.

Turnaround Time for Asset Acquisition

All valuation reports come complete with a separate Asset Register, all of which are important for the success of any Asset Acquisition.

Our Valuations are either submitted electronically, printed or both (if required).

The Asset Valuation Group have successfully compiled many valuation reports of the purpose of Asset Acquisition in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne for large companies, government firms and general companies.

We provide you, our client with over and beyond what is expected.

Furthermore please note that if you require asset disposal, Asset Valuations offers a Traditional Onsite Auctions or Online Auction Service. We also can place goods as well as find out right buyers.

The Asset Valuations Group can compile an Asset Register & a fully comprehensive Valuation Report for Asset Acquisition purposes in 24-48 hours, all depending on the following factors:

  • Where the assets are situated;
  • How many items/assets there are;
  • The amount of locations available to visit; and
  • What state (s) the assets are located at.

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