Independent Insurance Valuer

Independent Insurance Valuer

What does an Independent Insurance Valuer do for you? In this day and age, its not a good idea to leave your assets uninsured. In the event of an accident or damage, there are factors that need to be addressed when wanting an insurance payout. This is why it is important to ensure all assets are adequately insured for all replacement costs.

Asset Valuations Group have a wealth of experience in providing a broad range of insurance valuation reports. We have over 41 years industry experience, and have worked with the top insurance companies in Australia, assisting them and their clients getting the best possible outcome.

What is an Independent Insurance Valuer?

An independent insurance valuer is a professional who will work with you to determine the true value of your property and assets. There are different types of insurance valuations, but we have summarised the most common ones below:

  • Pre-Agreed Values
  • Property Improvements
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Cars, Boats and Heavy Machinery.

All are explained briefly below.

Pre Agreed Values

Pre-agreed value is when the amount your asset is covered for is adjusted and agreed upon by both you and the insurer.

You could be covered for any amount your insurer agrees to insure you, no matter how much assets depreciation happens during the policy term. This means if something happens, and they can’t get back on their feet again – like losing everything in a burglary or theft – you know exactly what money will come out of pocket as compensation!

Property Improvements

When valuing property improvements, it is important to ensure that all aspect of a property is insured. We follow the Rawlinson’s Cost Guide when determining the price per square metre.

Our independent insurance valuers ensure that these improvements are valued correctly, giving you the best outcome!

Insurance Disputes

The purpose of a dispute insurance valuation is to establish the value or cost for an object in question. This can be used as evidence during negotiations between two parties who have disputes over that item, and it also provides peace-of mind when purchasing something expensive because there will always come time where you need documentation proving its worth!

Cars, Boats and Heavy Machinery

Insurance valuations are used by insurance companies as an estimate of what it would cost them to repair or replace certain assets, like cars, boats, and heavy machinery.

In the case that something is damaged and needs replacing, this can be done either through reclaiming old parts which may still function properly but have been used enough so they no longer exist in high-quality condition; repairing with new ones purchased from suppliers at actual costs including material prices plus overhead expenses such wages etc. Our valuations ensure that you get your value for money.

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