Machinery Valuations Brisbane


Machinery Valuations Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne, are a specific type report that requires special attention to detail.

The Asset Valuations Group reports are detailed, comprehensive and most importantly, reliable. Our registered valuers are all registered and apart of the Australian Valuers Institute. We also have industry experience, as we have sold machinery either privately or by auction.

We provide a high standard of valuation, and a fast turn around service.

Our valuation methods are as follows:

  • (MV) Market Value
  • (EFSV) Estimated Forced Sale Auction Value
  • (FMV) Fair Market Value
  • (SV) Salvage Value
  • (IV) Insurance Value

Our valuation reports can be compiled via photographs and descriptions received, and the report will be compared accordingly.

All reports are submitted either electronically, or printed out, and/or both. All valuation reports come with a complimentary asset register, which defines the values, descriptions, quantities and amounts.

Are valuers are expert in this industry, and our reports indicate that.


Before The Asset Valuations Group begin a Machinery Valuation Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne, we always ask for the purpose. The purpose is the most important aspect of the valuation report as it defines the pricing, and the overall cost.

Purposes of valuation reports include:

  • (MV) Market Value;
  • (FSV) Forced Sale Value;
  • (T) Tax;
  • (I) Insurance;
  • (A) Accounting;
  • (S) Sale;
  • (D) Depreciation;
  • (AR) Asset Register; and
  • Much more.

Asset Registers come complimentary with our reports, and include the values, descriptions, model numbers etc. It is an easy way to peruse through what you have in your inventory.

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