What is an Independent Asset Valuation?

An independent asset valuation is a detailed valuation report which determines an assets fair market value, by a certified professional asset valuer. It is always important to have an independent valuation as they are independent and unbiased, and in this light, the valuer can deliver a reliable, accurate and independent valuation. 

Moreover, meaning they won’t be influenced by personal relationships with the business owner or other factors like that. As a result, this is important because it ensures that the valuer is providing an accurate assessment of the business, rather than inflating the price for their own benefit.

What Types of Assets does an Independent Valuer Value?

In the process of asset valuation, the asset valuer can be appointed to but not limited to value the following types of assets:

The above are just a brief list of what we value. Furthermore, when completing the valuation report, we follow the International Valuation Standards. The international valuation standards is the independent global standard setter for the valuation profession. They set international valuation standards which promote consistency and professionalism in the public interest.

Who Needs an Independent Asset Valuation?

There are many industries who need an asset valuation, they range from finance companies to small business owners, and private individuals.

Other professions may include the following:

  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Business Brokers
  • Business Owners
  • Insurance companies and brokers
  • SMSF Owners
  • Much more. 

A lot of work goes into valuing assets, whether it be one or many. When coming to the final value, we use the Market Approach, which assesses similar types of assets sold to determine the market value of the asset. Thus, this would be known as the Market Value, however, we can also determine the Forced Sale/Auction Value and Insurance Value.

Why Choose Asset Valuations Group for independent valuations?

The Asset Valuations Group are located Australia-Wide. Also, we are all registered through The Australian Valuers Institute. We produce all types of valuations including Asset Valuations, Business Valuations and Property Valuations. Asset Valuations Group produce hundreds of valuations a year!  If you need a specialised valuer, we have you covered.